Postpone the ‘me’
Postpone the tea
Listen to that little voice
And see,
What’s intriguing them,
What’s confusing them
what’s scaring them and
What’s amazing them!

Talk to them,
Listen to their stories,
See what brings them joy,
What excites them,
What makes them glad
And what makes them sad!

Play is the window to their world;
Peep into their make-believe,
Their fantasy and roles,
A whole new world they are creating,
And developing their souls!

When your child grows,
Things don’t change too much;
Watching them can be even more fun!
Just don’t let them know,
When you stare,
But be the one to show,
How much you care!

Age doesn’t change the relationship or equation with your child,
Only greater space is what they desire;
Space to wonder, space to blink space they can call their own,
To sit and think!

Protect and provide,
Nourish and guide
Share some of your conflicts,
And confusing thoughts,
They love to be counsels and advisers of sort!
Your endeavours and their development,
Work in sync,
When either stops, it spoils the link!

Rohini Sethi                                                                                                                                           Child Development Consultant                                                                                     https://in.linkedin.com/in/rohini-sethi-32715247