Funny is funny for everybody .. one size fits all!

Me talking to myself..
-“Does laughing at the wrong moment get you into trouble?
-Yes it does.
-Would you still laugh/do the same..?
Yes I would.
-Why ?
-Because it works for me .. always!
It feels good and  humour helps lots more than it ruins”.

Thinking funny is a gift. Its the facility of  a well exercised head. Nonsense comes to some naturally, yet appreciating the funny isn’t hard for anyone.
Humour is about the unexpected. Its like something suddenly falling on you. How much it affects you, depends on how well you receive it, catch it, avoid it or bounce it back ! Every shot of humour needs to be enjoyed before evaluating it’s intent.
Sadly, the search for intent in humour is unending, as humour lacks intent. Its only purpose being to breathe light and easy!

Humour is cathartic. It absorbs stress.
So, speak your first thoughts, especially if they’re amusing. Share them with your opponent. Startle them. Surprise them. Shock isn’t always bad for health. Funny shocks are good. People may be offended at first.They may be angry next. Use your lines, nevertheless. Just use them courageously. Its worth a try. Funny is funny for everyone. One size fits all. Quite like tasty. Maybe like chocolates, or ice cream may hap(perhaps)! Yum is yum, no matter who or what or where !

Only caution, practice moving away a bit as you speak and run if its an emergency. Stamina is important. Stamina and courage are important assets. Build on them anyways.

The irritated are sure to ape you, at another time and place, and surprise someone else. And themselves too! And not share it with you. You’ll be lucky if you get to witness that. Its like a reward, which you may never get.

Rest assure more problems will not add on. Humour solves problems. In case it doesn’t, it dilutes conflicts. In case it doesn’t, it makes you feel sorted. Humour heals.

A sunny side to the funny side is that special moment when your funniness is received with an equal chuckle (maybe a mental hidden chuckle), and appreciated by this person you’ve been funny with. Now that is rare. But when that happens,  it’s a moment of true love. That’s the “heart-with-an-arrow going through it” moment ! You’ve pierced through the other heart .. successfully enough to make it beat a bit for you. Just a bit maybe. Or a bit more. The beginning of true love kind-of, valuable friendship.
That is because the best kind of humour is often rooted in the truth. And truth is the base of all lasting relationships.

Occasionally you need to stay still and not run away but hear the person you have upset with your nonsense. In that case, you can look down as you listen to the verbal thrashing, and adore your shoes or pedicured feet. Check the screaming person’s shoes or feet too, if the bashing lasts long enough ! Just a “meanwhile” thing to do!

Humour has the power to heal, laughing is therapeutic and if amusing someone comes to you naturally, you are truly gifted with powers to guide you, inside out!
Think funny. Be funny. There is no method to madness. Idea is to be consistently inconsistent!
The universe isn’t going anywhere with your serious righteousness. While boredom can surely kill you!

Rohini Sethi                                                                                                                                        

Child Development Consultant


Bits and bites to set it all right!

Meals become tasks, and tasks become mountains, when they are presented in enormous forms.

Breaking tasks and instructions into small bits and mini bites helps kids achieve their goals.
Huge goals look scary to the child, totally unattainable and not worth expending upon.

Even before the kids begins to attempt the task, they feel discouraged.

So a huge heap of rice mixed with some dal/curry and curd over it; a large untidy sandwich, a thick roti/parantha with a bowl of vegetables that have lost their original form, is all too unattractive to try !

(I mean, no one can tell whether its beans,peas,cabbage or carrots .. the masalas/spices, oil and turmeric, make it all look the same!)

Likewise, a huge note about a complex project at school, worded in an even more complicated manner; a pile of books to read; or a list of home assignments to tackle, can be extremely overwhelming for kids.

Big goals do not work with children.
Lengthy dialogues and instructions are lost at the first boggy of the train. Several questions asked at the same time become an oat porridge, all mixed up and gooey with no form, beginning or end!

Something like “how was your day,any homework?; you’d better finish that project today, before tennis class because the music teacher is expected after that .. are you hungry? Did you eat at school? What was served at lunch today? Was it spicy..? Remind me to complain about the school food in the next parent teacher interaction!”

Presentation matters whether its food or instructions or assignments. The way tasks are presented is very important for everyone – young and old. Every instruction and task needs to be presented in an age appropriate manner, at the eye level of the child, in the voice and tone they understand.

Else you may just end up wasting your efforts and time. Your instructions and dialogues may sound very foreign .. almost extra terrestrial!

Rohini Sethi                                                                                                                                 

Child Development Consultant