OckyPocky – Purposeful Play And Playful Purpose

The mesh and maze of everyday struggles are making it increasingly hard for parents to make choices for their kids. Today’s child is a very interesting being. Children are born into and live amidst an explosion of information overload; are overprotected and over expected of, have less time and more to do!

Conversing with technology comes naturally to most kids. If you don’t hand them a device gently enough, it will be begged for, borrowed or snatched, acquired and twiddled with anyways! It is a part of their era and how!

When I was first approached by OckyPocky to share my independent views on the kids’ application, what really excited me about the application was that it encourages purposeful play and playful purpose. The application is easy to use, repeatedly so, without the fear of an overdose or harm of going off limits into unknown arenas. It allows children to thrive and learn in a fun-filled way. The stories, rhymes and activities are delightful, purposeful, meaningful… Like little gems!

OckyPocky achieves a balance between onscreen and off screenplay, which is really important. So the child can learn the activities on screen, download to keep them available and try them out with the adults around, allowing the child to be social, engage in physical play, interact and be creative all at once! The team of professionals at OckyPocky is driven by the keenness to evolve and improve… always listening to what parents and children have to say about them. They are continuously play-testing to refine the app.

Kids educational applications are beneficial for the adults in the child’s life too- those who interact, play and learn alongside. How lost we would be if we didn’t have a nice little story to share with our little one, after a rough and busy day at work or if we couldn’t sing along with what our child was enjoying!

I would describe OckyPocky as nutrition in a capsule. Here, by nutrition I mean, brain food- food for the child’s cognition.

When a child begins to move independently, she starts looking for brain food; it’s the greatest need of any human baby to grow cognitively. Handing a child a smart device loaded with child-centric visuals and healthy voices of expert storytellers is important.

Education today is about learning to act in the real world – the world of screens, click, touch and tap! It is about technology that guides, enables the child, entertains, is safe, occupies and engages all at once!

Handing over the right device, at the right age, loaded with the right stuff in it, is really the need of the hour. Smart devices are almost like windows to the world. It would be a lie if I said that I could work without one or otherwise manage! While handing out a device without a child centric, safe area, a play-learn-grow enclosure is almost like having access to a loaded weapon!

Find out more about the app by visiting www.ockypocky.com

Rohini Sethi      


Child Development Consultant





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