Life is hard, growing up is painful – the body aches and the heart breaks !

Growing up is painful.

Tiny humans arrive painfully through the mother’s womb.
Nothing is easy even after that miraculous arrival. Little babies cry with aching gums when they are cutting teeth. Their legs ache when they begin to walk.

They have their first heartbreak when they step into the unfamiliar, that first school.. fearful and insecure about leaving their homes and caregivers.

Its hard for the two year olds, when no one understands their babble or what they want; while teenagers grumble when adults misinterpret their moods and jargon.

The young teens imagine themselves as being on stage.. conscious, guarded, oversensitive and touchy sometimes.. its not easy to handle an audience after all. They imagine so many eyes peering at their face and skin and hair and discussing their height and how thin or ‘thick’ they are!

Seventeen year olds think their life is probably the worst… so much to do, so little time and truck loads of expectations, hearts to nurture and mend sometimes.. its a hard life!

The mothers of all these kids claim that they have the hardest days of all, while the Grandmother says she wants to die… her life being unworthy of living anymore – nothing to do, no one to talk to, with declining support from the once treasured physicality – the body!

The fathers, well, who has the time for their peeves, is what they claim to suffer!

Life is hard.
It’s hard when you are 5… It’s hard when you are 15. It is also hard when you are 45 and 65 and 75 and older, I suppose. Doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. It also doesn’t mean you are the target or the prey.

You are just like everybody else. Its hard for everyone.

Every age is differently challenging. . each day is a new find, a new block !
You can never be practiced enough for it!

What is constant is the stuff within – the  purpose and passion you live, and love with; your integrity; your belief in yourself; and the trust in the people around you.

Talking about easing the hard, well,

-Listening lots and speaking lots more seems to work for me.

-Loving immensely and unconditionally is fulfilling.
-Finding the funny in people and situations – laughing lots at myself and at life’s absurdities keeps me going.
-Expressing disappointments – about people and things- yet forgiving (sometimes) and moving on (almost always), adds to the peace!
-Living purposefully & trying new things, distracts you from the stress!

Life is about experimenting.. its about trials and errors.. it’s about moving ahead with belief and confidence.

Let all kinds of days happen to you.

I don’t see a way out of the hard! No promises of things being easy peasy lemon squeezy !

Hard it is and hard it will remain!



Rohini Sethi                                                                                                                                          

Child Development Consultant