About Talk Child – this is what happens when babies don’t kill you !

The counselling room

Hello I’m the counsellor at Talk Child.
I’m honoured that you’re taking time to read this.

Talk Child is one of my three babies. It was born two months after my first born. Maybe it was an attempt to keep myself alive as I mothered a little human.

When I had my first child, 17 years ago, I thought my life was over :)! It took me several years to understand that the journey of learning and loving had just begun then.

An imperfect and exhausted parent who is trying to do a lot of things each day, my endeavour is to remain connected with my children. There are moments when I imagine myself doing great things (imagination is everything, it keeps you going), and then there are times when simply making it through the day is good enough.

Amidst it all I am still trying to comprehend what it is to be a parent. The identity seems much more vast and enigmatic than anyone would have you believe.

Fresh Greens make the air pure and clean

Talk Child is about listening and talking and sharing- moods and feelings, and real stories. 

I spend several hours every week hearing people’s stories and concerns. Most of these people are parents or planning to be parents. I listen to them as they speak about their awfully amazing little people, their fears of failure and aspirations for their children – the “what ifs” and “hows” of parenting. I listen to a myriad of complains against spouses. The stories in counselling sessions are rarely romantic.

Talk Child is about parenting. Understanding children in urban Indian families has been our penchant!

Talk Child offers a space for you to sit comfortably. There is someone to listen to you without judgement and opinion. You are allowed to think about yourself and for yourself, and hopefully be led by the light within you… the light of reason, self-compassion and empathy.


Rocking is relaxing. Rock as you Talk!

Talk Child remodelled in the year 2014 from the conventional face to face counselling practice, to an online procedure as well. We listen to you and talk to you online, through video calls too.

A successful counselling session is about establishing a connect. The human mind is complex. We may never penetrate into another mind, despite living with someone for years; while sometimes just a call can establish a therapeutic link.. a warm trustful connect! We appeared on Facebook in 2015 http://www.facebook.com/talkchild

The Thinking Human

Talk Child thrives on the belief that every human child is intelligent and is equipped innately with a set of strengths to grow into a complete accomplished individual. Opportunities need to be presented. Maybe human babies can even create those!

To know more about us and to get in touch for guidance or counselling, you can go to www.talkchild.com

For Blogs its www.talkchild.wordpress.com

This is what happens when babies don’t kill you! They compel you to drawn on your strengths, chase their amazing pace of growth and move ahead yourself!

Welcome to Talk Child 🙂

Rohini Sethi

Consultant Child Development









Questions people asked and the response I meant to give but I didn’t !

“Don’t worry I know what you mean .. please don’t mind what I thought .. at least I didn’t say it .. but I meant to !”- rohini

Talk Child is rich with stories. Most stories are about real problems and concerns.

They are food to Talk Child. They help us grow.

Then there are those that are sauces and pickles. They add that extra flavor to Talk Child and life in general. They make you chuckle.. distract you from the serious business of living.

These stories are short. They ping into Talk Child’s inbox each day, as questions, queries, messages and mails. There are some verbal face-to-face exchanges too, that make you wonder.
You wonder what to say.. whether to say those first thoughts that come to mind or not say them.

Those are hard moments to manage.. yet in retrospect, they are the moments that make it to the ‘happy’ memory bank.

Sharing some of those.

[The client query is listed first and my thoughts which I didn’t share are written in italics].

Here they are :
1. “How old is the counselor at Talk Child?”

      Well, as old as me!

2. “How many years of experience do you have ?”

   My career just took off (yippee) with your question; you just added to my experience of understanding people!

3. “Do you have children ..”

      Would you trust me any less if I didn’t ..?

4. “Are you South Indian .. is your second name Sethi or Shetty ?”

      Why .. you mean you wouldn’t seek my help if my second name was Shitty ?? Oh  you made me sad today!

5. “Can you read my mind by looking at my face?”

      I can read you better by reading your questions .. please go on.. litter some more .. I’ll tell you more!

6. “Hey.. hi”. Period. Background information read as: bachelor.. rich joint family..big business.

      Well, I think you need a wife and a heir to your throne..not a counselor! 

7. “Do you help with adult problems?”

      Sure .. for starters, just don’t have kids till you are sorted!

8. “Counselling sessions are expensive. Do you have a package deal?”

      Yes water and coffee is free.. and if you behave well a candy too!

9. “How can you read someone’s mind through a Skype call/ online counselling?”

     HE-HE-HA-HA 💀.. mind readers can do anything 👻💀 beware !

10. “Whats the guarantee that you will help my child to perform better ?”

        Your warranty as a parent has expired. Please refresh .. And don’t have any more kids!

11. “Can we have a trial session?”

        So who is going to try whom? Or are we going to discuss an imaginary problem ?? Or are you just going to try the food I cook ! I’m afraid the trial plea is rejected!

12. “Is online counselling free?”

        Only the air you breathe is free my dear .. excluding the pure air in homes with air purifiers!

13. “My kid refuses to eat what I cook, but eats what anyone else cooks..”

        The kid either dislikes you or your cooking ..

14. “Can you tell me in one simple line how to tackle my teenager?”

       Can you please introduce yourself, your family, your child, your existence and your problem in one simple line..

15. A friend at a party: “I just need to know one small thing quickly ..”

     Any matter pertaining to your child isn’t small. Can you bake a cake quickly..? And I don’t want to know what all you can do quickly!

16. Can you occupy my child for one hour everyday..?

        Oops I don’t function as a television set, I’m afraid.

17. “How old are your children? They must be perfect kids ..”

    Oh yes no problems at all. Our address is Heaven, we eat clouds for meals and GOD tackles our issues first in queue, hands-on, for free! Being a counselor is sure a privilege!

Well, that much for now 😊. A chuckle a day, keeps our worries away. Your thoughts keep us alive. Loosen your grip on your strangest thoughts 🙂 .. let the queries keep coming .. let the craziness continue. If you don’t mind asking, I really don’t mind responding !

Love, Your counselor.

 Rohini Sethi      


Child Development Consultant